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  • Compact designs by our experienced engineers to meet your technical and cost challenges

  • Ready to assembly manifolds with valves mounted, tested and adjusted

  • Fast, reliable and flexible delivery times


We are specialized on designing and manufacturing, small quantities to medium quantities of hydraulic blocks and units in short times. Our engineers will develop the optimum solution, both technically and economically suiting to your needs.


Our sales engineers;

  • Have strong knowledge about applications and processes of their customers
  • Work in cooperation with our customers from early design stages to make sure their systems perform better
  • Share all of the information they gathered from their customers with our project engineers.


  • Our project engineers design hydraulic manifolds on 3D by using hydraulic circuit schematics prepared by our design engineers or sent by our customers. All design work is carried out by using the latest CAD software on different platforms. After getting approval, we produce most of those manifolds on 5 axis CNC’s. %100 of manufactured manifolds are quality controlled.
  • After surface treatment, all valves are assembled and manifolds are functionally tested, all pressure values are adjusted.
  • All manifold blocks are ready to use and for our customers, there is no need to do anything else than making necessary connections to their systems.
  • We use GGG40 and Al 6061T materials from EU suppliers to ensure the highest material quality. By the help of our PLM system, it is possible to find out information about our products even after many years from our shipment