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Today’s machines need information technology

Intergating IT capabilities into hydraulic systems makes your machines smarter and more efficient

Solving Problems Before They Happen

These machines seamlessly send real-time performance data to service professionals, who can then assess, analyze and act on issues before they become problems. Technicians are able to detect faults and prevent downtime before it occurs-often before the customer is even aware of an issue. Predictive data also provides a holistic pattern for technicians, so they are better able to understand and monitor usage, performance, target parameters, productivity and more.

Solving Problems More Quickly When They Happen

They offer easy and short maintenance, thanks to digital twins, which can be created anywhere. In case of failure, maintenance technicians can see how to replace parts and how to assemble or disassemble complex parts of a hydraulic system. End users can share the actual situation of their machines even from smartphones. Problems are therefore much more easily solved with help from and expert at another location and they can order the correct parts for replacement through our applications very easily.

We design, manufacture and integrate IoT into Hydraulics

Design, development, manufacturing, IoT integration from one hand

IoT integration in ENTEK starts from the beginning of the design phase. We use software platforms to create the digital data needed for IoT integration. By adding the necessary sensors, we enable machine manufacturers to see the actual conditions of their hydraulic systems on their machines remotely and they can reduce maintenance needs significantly by using our apps. In many cases, there is no need to add any additional hardware components to their existing controllers; all design and service information is accessible throught the web.

Open platform, no software, easy to develop

Our solutions are based on the ThingWorx Platform, so they are not based on a company-proprietary software. You can further develop our solutions, and integrate them into your existing systems very easily all around the world with minimal IT interventions (if any). You are not dependent on only one company.

Remote monitoring is possible thanks to the purpose-built, reliable and feature-rich ThingWorx Industrial Innovation Platform. We can quickly optimize your service and operational processes via a single platform with user-friendly development tools and advanced, role-based remote monitoring capabilities.