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Fast Delivery, Lower Cost

All our power units are customer specific and they are designed to meet our costumer’s requirements such as flow, pressure, available space, maintenance requirements etc. We refer to ISO4413 on every detail.

Our simplest power unit are compact power unit. Compact power unit are generally preferred on intermittent operations where there is enough time for cooling. They are very convenient solutions for systems where a few actuators are used such as lifting applications. Either DC or AC motors could be selected. Powers up to 4.5 kW and tank volumes up to 15L are available.

Many systems are more complex and require bigger tank volumes, complex operating logic and much more safety measures. On those cases, we design power units optimally without any power and tank volume constraints. We use aluminum tanks when they are proper, or we design a steel tank for those applications. Thanks to out CAD&PLM system, we can use our standard designs such as pump+motor assemblies in many power units, both design and production costs are reduced significantly.